Synchronisation (Sync) Rights

Ever wondered how to get a synchronisation (sync) license. Well we have the answer, simply use our site to find the music you need, contact us and we’ll do the rest. Examples usages of sync rights:

• TV (License music to be used in television shows and commercials/advertisments)
• Films and Trailers (License music to be used in films and trailers)
• Games (License music to be video games)
• Advertising (License music to be used in your advertising campaigns)
• Websites (License music to be used on your website)

We offer sync (synchronisation) rights / licensing opportunitiesfor anyone looking to add music to their media project. Hit the right note by matching one of our thousands of tracks to your product. Contact us now with your sync licensing requirements for great deals.

Use our MUSIC SEARCH feature to find the tracks that you would like the sync rights for.